A Day in the Life of an AQuity Scribe – Kaitlyn

I have the pleasure of working for Dr. Susan Sykas at Appleseed Pediatrics.

A normal day starts off around 8:00 AM. Dr. Sykas joins me in FFS and we talk about how our weekend/night went. Lori, her RN, will come in once she has the first patient roomed and talk with us about what she observed. Dr. Sykas and I then go in to start seeing patients. We usually have patients scheduled every 30 minutes. Since we treat from newborn to adult, it does take longer in each visit than normal due to kids asking so many questions.

When in the room with the patient, I focus on gathering information for the HPI, ROS, PE, and preventive medication module. Dr. Sykas is still new to having a scribe and still does her own assessment and plan and all orders. Each site is different, though, as to what you will need to chart. I have filled in for other providers who want me to do everything in their chart.

When we do not have a patient to see, Dr. Sykas and I talk about our lives and just get to know each other better. I think it is very important to talk with your doctor on a personal level, because it helps establish a trust and a flow. She will also look over the chart and let me know if there is anything she wants changed.

We usually end our day around 4:30.

I believe that the key to being a great scribe is keeping open communication with your provider. If you do not understand something or you miss something, ask your provider.

Another important thing about AQuity is we are all friends. Your team lead and performance coach are your bosses, but also your friends, so if you need something, reach out. If you are ever stressed out or something is going wrong, let them know. They will be there to help you with whatever you need. Also keep them informed on how things are going, if your provider is going to be out, or if you or your provider have questions you don’t know the answer to. I talk with both my team lead and performance coach daily even if it’s just a quick, “ Good morning. Hope you have a good day.”

Steps to SUCCESS: See your goal, Understand the obstacles, Create a positive mental picture, Clear your mind of self-doubt, Embrace the challenge, Stay on track, Show the world you can do it!

(Kaitlyn lives in Tennessee and scribes for Dr. Sykas in Vermont.)