Get a Mentor!

Have you ever wondered where the term mentor comes from? Allow me to share. In the epic tale, The Odyssey, our hero, Odysseus, has to go on a long journey. Prior to leaving, he realizes he has a minor challenge. Odysseus has a son whom he’ll need to leave behind. His solution to this problem is to ask his friend named, Mentor, to watch his child and raise him up into a man. When you consider that story, it becomes obvious how significant the role of a mentor really is.

Mentors can be real game changers. When you get the right one, your odds of success increase significantly. These individuals can save you from unnecessary stress and turmoil. Vicariously, you can avoid the obstacles and pitfalls they faced. Personally, I’ve had a few key people in my life who I credit with helping me make huge advances towards achieving my goals. Simply put, mentors are essential!

Appreciating the value of mentorship, we’re excited to invite you to the Mentoring Center. We’ve built an automated system that will facilitate the mentorship relationship. The truth of the matter is that nobody becomes successful on their own. We all need help. So, to the students, GET A MENTOR! To the healthcare professionals and professional students (e.g. medical students), please register to mentor and help develop the next generation.

Our mentoring center allows students to identify individuals who they’d like to receive mentoring from. When a student identifies that person, they can click on their profile page then on the “request mentor” button. After that, the student should answer 3 brief questions. The reason we ask the students to answer these questions is so the mentor can be confident that the mentee will value his or her time. If a student is not willing to answer 3 simple questions, they likely will not be a responsive mentee.

After a mentor agrees to take on the student, monthly messages will be sent to both individuals to provide topics of discussion. Our goal is to make the mentoring process easier for everyone.