How to make an IMPACT!

How to make an IMPACT!

Day in and day out, we go about our business. We do all the little things we believe we’re supposed to be doing. Checking off all our little boxes just to make it to the next task. For most people, that’s an okay way of living, but for those who have a growth mindset, checking the boxes isn’t enough. People like us want to have a real I.M.P.A.C.T. I’ve created this acronym to help you evaluate your impact score. Go through each letter and see how you’re doing.


In today’s society, this has almost become a bad word. People always want you to hop on the bandwagon and do what the group is doing. When you veer a little off path, they’ll reign you in and say you’re getting out of line. That’s very unfortunate. The truth is, we need people to express their individualism for innovation to arise. We need leaders who are willing to go against the grain and challenge modern principles based on their own individual experiences.


One of the greatest ways to impact society for good is to teach those coming behind you to be successful in the areas of your expertise. Mentoring is critical for everyone to progress in life. A major factor in your impact score is whether or not your pouring into the next generation. You don’t want your good works to live and die with you. Leave a legacy via mentorship.


While it’s important to be an individual and leverage that to be avant garde, it’s important that you connect with others and participate. Keeping all your talents to yourself if a major waste of your potential. It’s important that you participate in initiative of others’ as well to help move their projects and ideas forward.

**Bonus P=Prayer. I believe in the power of praying for others. Never underestimate it!


Society progresses based on our understanding of the world we live in. Part of our goal as leaders in whatever field we’re in should be to advance it’s knowledge. This is the drive for academic excellence. Without knowledge, there is no progress.


To have a true impact, you have to be willing to challenge ideas and people. This plays strongly off ‘Individualism’ above. You need to stand your ground and ALWAYS act with integrity. That means truly valuing your values.


This is one of the most underrated aspects of making a major impact. Once you’ve achieved something great, it’s important to tell your story so others can be inspired, motivated, and educated. There are countless people out there who would benefit from hearing how you’ve made it this far. Tell them!

What suggestions do you have for our community to help them have a greater impact?  Please share.