Stay Motivated!

The journey to medical school is often a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows. The constant mix of emotions may leave you feeling frustrated. One day you are sure of your desire to become a physician and the next day you may wonder if you can truly accomplish this feat. Many pre-med students may begin to lose their confidence and motivation to pursue medical school. A low grade in a pre-med course, a low MCAT score, or unsupportive friends and family may cause you to doubt yourself. Despite these roadblocks you can push through and stay the course to accomplish your goal of becoming a physician. Here are some ways to stay motivated on your journey to becoming a doctor:

  1. Create a collage with your name written in big bold letter with the title Dr., M.D. or D.O. For example, Dr. (first name) (last name) or (first name) (last name) M.D. or D.O. Include photos of doctors on your collage, along with other medical areas of interest. This is supposed to be fun so include anything that inspires you. Keep it in a place where you can see it every day!
  2. Write down your goals in a notebook or journal. Everyday there should be at least one goal that will get you one step closer to becoming a doctor. For example, one goal maybe to complete 100 volunteer hours. Once you have achieved a goal mark it as completed. This simple process will be a huge boost to your confidence.
  3. Celebrate all of your successes, even the ones you think are small. Once you accomplish a goal celebrate it. Don’t wait for the big accomplishments. Celebrate the small steps that you’ve made towards achieving your goals as well. Did you earn an ‘A’ in Organic Chemistry? A ‘B’ in Physics? These accomplishments may seem small but every step you make towards your goal of becoming a doctor is huge and should be treated as such.
  4. Find a mentor. A mentor can be a great source of inspiration when you feel like giving up. A quick text or chat with your mentor can make a big difference.
  5. Stay focused. Keep your eyes on the end goal and don’t quit. When approaching difficult times, remember that just on the other side is the prize of becoming a doctor.

We all face difficulties at various points along our journey to medical school, but you can overcome them. When you are having a bad day look at your collage, your goals journal, or reach out to your mentor. These simple steps can help you to refocus and rekindle your motivation to continue on your path to becoming a doctor. Don’t give up future doc, there is a white coat with your name on it.