STOP Doubting Yourself!

The great enemy of success is doubt. Many people have failed to achieve their goals even before they stepped foot on the court. Too often, we think we lost the match because our competition was better than we were, when in reality, we lost because that negative voice in our head was too loud.

Be real with me right now; do you struggle with self-doubt? If your being honest, the answer is probably yes. At one point or another, we all doubt our own abilities. I know I do. Doubt is the killer of great dreams. It’s the assassin of hope and the murder of fulfillment. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s hard to escape it. Here’s why.

We live in a social media world. One in which people are constantly promoting themselves only in their best light. Instagram, facebook, and twitter are full of people’s “perfect” lives. When we look at those pictures, one of two things often happens. Either we say, “Hey, I’d love to have that for myself” (i.e. covet), or we say, “I’ll never be able to achieve that” (doubt). In other words, we’re constantly comparing ourselves with other people. This is why we can’t escape doubt!

Here’s the solution to your doubt problem. Stop comparing yourself to the next person. Who cares how green their grass is, just water your own lawn. What God has planned for their life might not be the same thing planned for yours. When I’m coaching my kids’ sports team, I tell them one simple truth. The important thing isn’t winning the game. Rather, it’s about giving it your ALL EVERY TIME! Even if you lose, you’ll get better. And day by day, you’ll keep improving until you win one. After you win that one, you’ll feel good. Then you’ll win another and another. Ultimately, you’re confidence level will go up, and you’ll doubt less.

It all starts with the simple ideas of not comparing yourself to others, and always giving it your best. Do these two things, and you’ll see those doubts fade away!

What other suggestions do you have to help people get rid of doubt? Please share.