Top 10 Podcasts For Premedical Students

Nowadays, podcasts are everywhere!  There’s a new one popping up all the time. This is a good thing.  Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn from more experienced people while being entertained at times.  Interestingly, there aren’t too many shows directed solely at premeds.  Nonetheless, there’s plenty of stuff out there that can help you step your game up.  Here are our top 10 podcast recommendations for premedical students (***only currently active podcasts that release at least twice a month are included on this list)

  1. The PreMed Voice hosted by Payton Smith. Of course, this tops the list. Why???? Because it’s made by you all.  A podcast made for premeds, by premeds.  Nobody knows what you want to hear better than you do.  Although this is a new podcast, the content so far has been amazing.  And the awesome thing about it is that you can be a guest!
  2. The Premed Years hosted by Ryan Gray, MD. Gray is likely the best-known premed podcaster in the game.  He’s been at it for some time and has quite a bit of content online.  This podcast has been nominated for various awards.  Dr. Gray gets special kudos points simply for being so consistent and keeping his content fresh.  Definitely one of the best!
  3. Academic Medicine by AAMC. This podcast series is a work of art.  They delve deep into individual stories as well as issues that affect healthcare on a larger scale.  This podcast features medical students, doctors, and thought leaders in the world of academic medicine.
  4. PreMed Mondays hosted by Dr. Dale. We’d be crazy not to put this on the list!  This podcast was started to allow premedical students to go deeper into the mentorship of the PreMed Mondays book.  Its style is quite different from other podcasts in that there are no guests.  Every episode is focused specifically on a mentoring lesson designed to help premedical students excel and get into medical school.  Start every week the same guidance that has gotten countless students to the next level.  This definitely is one of the best premed development podcast available.
  5. The Prospective Doctor hosted by Med School Coach. Med School Coach is a juggernaut in the premed consulting world and they share some of that information in this podcast. It features individuals who have experience dealing with admissions.  This podcast provides valuable information for premeds and medical students.
  6. The Short Coat Podcast hosted by Dave Etler. Another entertaining podcast in which students get to share their stories.  The wonderful thing about this podcast is the variety of topics covered and the variety of voices.
  7. Talking Admissions & Med Student Life hosted by Dr. Benjamin Chan. Right off the bat, this podcast is awesome because it is hosted by a medical student dean.  This obviously brings a unique perspective to the entire show as it comes from the perspective of an adcom member.  Though this is true, the show still covers a variety of topics from marriage in med school to basic admissions questions.
  8. Surviving Medicine hosted by Frank Cusimano. This podcast has a slightly more serious tone to it.  It mainly features medical doctors and allows them to share their perspectives on various topics.  They focus on the current state of healthcare and where it’s going.
  9. Old Premeds hosted by Ryan Gray. Another classic podcast by Dr. Gray.  This podcast focuses on providing wisdom and guidance to “non-traditional” premedical students.   The episodes are usually focused on a single question and get to the point quick.
  10. Black Men In White Coats hosted by Dr. Dale. The number of black men applying to medical school is reportedly decreasing.  It was less in the year 2014 than in 1978.  This podcast provides the unique perspectives of black male physicians and allows them to share the struggles that allowed them to beat the odds and become successful doctors.  Although it’s a new podcast, episodes are already lined up and scheduled to release.  Simply put, you won’t find many podcast that discuss the importance of diversity in medicine. This one does.


Payton Smith

I especially like #1! Hope all of you are enjoying the podcast. Let me know if you would like to be featured on it!

3 years ago