Diverse Medicine the book is OUT NOW!

This website/medical community has helped me foster not only better relationships with fellow pre-meds but has helped me grow as an applicant to medical school. I am excited to hear the news that Dr. Dale is titling his new book “Diverse Medicine: Building a Stronger and Healthier Nation”. Please support and spread the word! Diverse […]

Nth Dimensions Summer Internship

MS1s! Goal is “to immerse students in the specialty field Through an 8-week clinical and research internship with a practicing researcher, which also includes a full-day orientation and culminates in the student presenting his/her research poster at the annual National Medical Association assembly. Following successful completion of the summer internship program, students receive scholarships to […]

Personal Finance 101- Part 1 (Savings and Financing Your Education)

Personal Finance 101- Part 1 (Savings and Financing Your Education)

Being a student can be overwhelming at times. Between maintaining good grades, extracurrcicular activities and a social life- we sometimes lose track of our health and financial wellbeing. However, these two factors are paramount to living a fulfilling life and maximizing your potential in life. In this particular article, I’ll be going over the personal […]