The Successful Premed

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The Successful Premed

About this course

The Successful Premed is a 13 lesson video course accompanied by pre and post tests. In this course, Dr. Dale teaches his “Must Know” concepts and strategy for premedical success. This course is full of the same guidance Dr. Dale has been giving premedical students for over a decade to help them matriculate into medical school. At the completion of this course, you should be equipped with essential concepts to make you a successful premedical student.

Lesson 1 - Do You Want to be a Doctor

Lesson 2- Starting With the End in Mind

Lesson 3- Planning Your Courses

Lesson 4- Getting the Grades

Lesson 5- MCAT Basics - Taught by Megan McLeod

Lesson 6- MCAT Study Strategy - Taught by Megan McLeod

Lesson 7- Maximizing Clinical Experiences

Lesson 8- Maximizing Volunteer Experiences

Lesson 9- Premed Research

Lesson 10- Clubs & Organizations

Lesson 11- Work Experience

Lesson 12- Personal Statement

Lesson 13- Letters of Recommendation