Social Media For the Premedical Student

Social media has gradually infiltrated our every day lives and continues to grow every year. There are currently 2.3 billion active social media users [1]. Users of social media check accounts constantly throughout the day. Social media has been instrumental in the success of many people by helping them to self-advertise and by providing information and resources to others. However, the constant feed from the lives of other individuals can become a major distraction. Observing snippets from the lives of other social media users can leave you feeling as if you don’t measure up. We often compare ourselves to those around us. However, comparing your destiny to other individuals’ can cause feelings of disappointment and unworthiness. Do you often wonder why it has taken you longer to achieve the same goals as your peers? What did they do differently? These thoughts constantly creep in and make us lose confidence in our abilities. Nevertheless, you must remember to focus on your goals and not anyone else’s. Your path may be different from your best friend’s. She may get into medical school on the first try, while you may have to wait another year. Should you give up? Absolutely not! In life, although, we may share the same goals, our journeys are often different. We all have different experiences that make us unique and give us a various viewpoints of the world around us. Keeping this in mind, we must avoid the trap of social media and use it to our advantage!  Here are some ways to use social media as a source of encouragement instead of a distraction:

Don’t measure yourself to someone else’s success. Remain focused on your goal. Do not compare yourself to other people. Your road to success may be different but you will achieve your goal, if you don’t give up.

Reach out to the people that you admire on social media. For example, instead of secretly following those that you admire, become active on their social media forums. Everyone wants a mentor, however, the best way to get insider information is to simply ask questions. Many current medical students and doctors recall their pre-med years and are happy to give advice and encouragement.

Limit your time on social media. Just as you manage your time for other areas of your life, do the same with social media usage. Commit to specific times to check your social media accounts. For example, every three hours or 8 am and 8 pm daily. Strategically scheduling social media time helps you to get the most out of the time you spend on social media.

Join social media accounts specifically for pre-meds. Become an active member of a pre-med site like and connect with other premeds. You are likely to meet other students who understand many of the things you are experiencing and have had similar questions to your own. Stay active on the forums and ask questions! Make sure you pay it forward by answering questions posted by other premeds as well.

Stay in your own lane and  don’t give up on your dream to become a physician! Your future patients are counting on you to succeed!


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Image Credit: Pixabay


Joshua Grover

I think something that is very important with the ever-rising influence of social media is to watch what you’re posting, or tagged in, or share. Anyone can see these and it can lead to a very bad turnout if someone you interview with sees these types of posts. Have fun, and use it wisely because social media can be a very good thing, but also at the same time the complete opposite can be true!

8 years ago

Mgayya Makullah

Social media is an important aspect of our lives, especially to the current generation of people. People should treat their social media accounts as a digital representation of themselves. You don’t want to come across as having multiple personalities. You never know who will view your account. Also depending on the type of account, having privacy settings turned on, so that in cases such as getting tagged on post, you can either accept or deny a “tag request” before actually getting tagged in inappropriate posts. But, all in all, social media can be a powerful tool if used wisely.

8 years ago