T’was The Night Before MCAT!

T‘was the night before MCAT, when all through my mind,

Not a law could be remembered, not even Einstein’s.

I read and then re-read, my last minute cramming,

But rather instead, my brain kept on jamming.

On practice exams, my scores weren’t so great,

So now you can see, why I’m up studying so late.

Medical school is my destiny and fate,

So I’m praying this all-nighter, will get me a 528!

Take a moment and breathe!  Just think, in 24hrs, it’ll all be over.  It is quite possible that this is the most nervous you have ever been.  The night before that dreaded MCAT is one you may always remember.  So, how should you approach it?

  1. Do NOT study after 5pm. You have to know when enough is enough.  Hopefully, by this point in time, you’ve studied for several hundred hours in preparation.  Yes, there will always be something more that you can learn, but the time spent learning those few last minute details is likely not worth as much as the relaxation time lost.
  2. Choose your dinner wisely. Some of you will have some legitimate “night before” jitters.  These jitters can make you nauseous and queasy.  Eating a little too much grease might be the one thing that tips you into a night hunched over the toilet.  Also, know your body!  If you are lactose intolerant, don’t have a bowl of ice cream!
  3. Go to bed 20 minutes early. It is extremely difficult for many premedical students to sleep well.  You’ll toss and you’ll turn.  You’ll stare at the ceiling and count sheep.  You’ll wake up and look at the clock to make sure you haven’t overslept.  Those extra 20 minutes
  4. Set an extra alarm. Read number 3 and you’ll be able to appreciate the possibility of sleeping through your normal alarm.  We’ve all heard the horror stories; you know, the ones about the power going out, or the student setting their alarm an hour late.  Cover yourself by setting an extra alarm, and if possible, get one that is battery powered.
  5. Say a prayer!  Hey, it never hurts to get a little extra help!

The funny thing about the MCAT is that at the moment, it seems like the most important thing in your life, and it just might be!  However, when you are wearing that short white coat in a few years, then the long coat a few years later, nobody, not even you, will care about your MCAT.  So, although it might be the night before MCAT, there’s no need to fret!  If you’ve worked hard up until now, you’ll be okay!


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DeCoria McCauley

Love the poem! lol

8 years ago

Joshua Grover

These are great things to remember when you are considering cramming or taking it easy. My advice would be to take it easy the night before, no matter how confident you are about your score. (Hopefully) you have, like they said, been studying for hundreds of hours already and those last few hours of trying to cram isn’t going to do you any good now. This is a long, gruesome test. You need to give your brain the quick breather before you go and put it through such rigor.
Find something relaxing to do. Take your mind off (as much as possible) of what is to come in the morning. And treat yourself to a nice, well-balanced dinner before your good nights rest.
This is almost as important as the studying. You can do this!!

8 years ago

Mgayya Makullah

I know the feeling. I did mine already, and I am both relieved to be done with it, and terrified about my results when they come out…

8 years ago