Jon Jone

Gregory Proctor

Lincoln Memorial University
Applying 2021-2022

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management while deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. I have completed post-baccalaureate courses at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas and Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate Tennessee. I have worked in various roles in healthcare ranging from Emergency Department Paramedic at a Level II Trauma Hospital to Flight Paramedic in West Africa. I am eager to bridge the gaps in my knowledge of medicine through medical school. I desire to provide continued service to my community and nation in the field of medicine providing culturally competent definitive compassionate care as a physician.


Clubs & Organizations 3 records

American Military University Alumni Ambassador

My responsibilities include being the spokesperson for the universities Fire Science Management bachelors degree program and other emergency management disciplines. This is accomplished by performing video interviews and writing short biographies speaking about the benefits of various emergency services degrees available to fire service and emergency management professionals. I also participate in general recruitment of perspective students. I have been selected multiple times for video interview opportunities highlighting the fire service, emergency management and transitioning emergency services personnel to the field of medicine.

PreMed Star

Provide encouragement and support to pre-medical students applying to medical school this cycle. Perform critical review and provide feedback for personal history statements and other aspects of students preparation for the upcoming application process. Participate in a standing weekly meeting with the founder of PreMed Star to assist pre-med students that have a variety of questions. I also give the founder of PreMed Star feedback as to how processes and website forum can be streamlined to maximize effectiveness.

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students

Assist the local University of North Texas MAPS chapter by coordinating with physicians to speak with UNT pre-med students about what is the required to be successful on to the journey to becoming a medical doctor. Provide mentoring and assistance with the medical school admissions application process.

Volunteer Activities3 records

Gisele’s Primary School Orphaned Children, Burkina Faso, West Africa

In my off-duty time I assist this local school that provides educational services to +122 students (of which at least 80 are orphans) with planning to enhance infrastructure and acquire additional educational materials. I have initiated fundraiser campaigns that has raised +$2,000. The total fundraiser goal is $10,000. To date, the following has been accomplished with the received donations; power restored to off-site office, school transportation repaired, updated computer and multi-function printer obtained, storage locker for securing supplies at the school acquired, school supplies purchased to support two of the four classes.

Operation Care International

Sought approval for a Community Time Off Project to introduce the Texas Health Resources hospital system to the largest Christmas Party hosted annually in Dallas, Texas for Homeless, Veterans and Under-Resourced Families in the United States. The one-day event services no less than 12,000 and has reached up to 22,000 persons served in a single day. Primary duties and responsibilities included but not limited to; seeking out volunteer Physicians, Nurses and other Allied Healthcare providers to provide health assessments and vaccinations to families in the newly established family medical screening area. Over the span of 4 years no less than 500 families have been served with family unit sizes ranging from 2 to 5 members. Additionally, I coordinated with other healthcare and 911 first responder entities for medical supplies donations.

Boulevard Heights Volunteer Fire Department

Respond to, hazardous, fire and medical emergencies in an urban area which spanned across 498 square miles with approximately one million residents. Rescued victims from burning buildings and accident sites. Provide pre-hospital care to medical and trauma patients. Treat and transport sick or injured persons to appropriate medical facilities based on differential diagnosis.

Work Experience13 records

Flight Paramedic, Altus, Oklahoma

Perform critical care inter-facility patient transfers. Advanced management of airway and multiple medications. Stabilize traumatically injured or critically ill patients at the scene and provide transport to appropriate facility. Teach American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification courses to healthcare providers in rural areas free of cost.

Flight Paramedic, West Africa

Provide medical stabilization to traumatically injured or critically ill patients at the scene. Transport to appropriate medical facility via fixed wing (DHC-6) or rotary wing (Eurocopter AS332) casevac aircraft. Facilitate critical care patient transfers from lower level of care field hospitals to higher level of care medical facilities. Provide medical escort on commercial aircraft for patients requiring medical intervention outside of austere countries. Perform airdrop operations to Special Operation Forces Units that require replenishment of critical supplies.

Emergency Department Paramedic, Dallas, Texas

Assisted Trauma Surgeons with bedside surgical and other specialty procedures to correct life threats inflicted upon traumatically injured persons that require immediate transition to the Operating Room or Intensive Care Unit. Aid Emergency Department Physicians by performing required interventions and tasks to stabilize critically ill patients that require emergent admission to the Intensive Care Unit or other in-patient hospital units. Support Physician Assistant’s by assisting with laceration repairs and patient care tasks for priority 4 and 5 patients. Perform ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous insertion and standard IV catheter placement. Execute patient rounding; note abnormal findings and accurately document interventions performed in EPIC. Remove sutures, apply splints, and collect specimens, transports patients to various units and diagnostic testing areas. Works diligently to maintain a safe working environment and ensure that supplies are readily available.

Deputy Director Fire Emergency Services, Southern Afghanistan

Responsible for administrative command and control of the day to day operations of 9 Fire Departments and 1 Fire Prevention Bureau with +400 assigned personnel. Provided technical direction on the interpretation and enforcement of life safety codes and ordinances. Coordinated monthly reports to project management regarding department activities as well as other reports as appropriate including annual or cyclic activities. Created new and revised existing standard operating procedures to ensure alignment with mission objectives.

Fire Services Trainer and Mentor, Southern Mongolia

Trained and mentored 20 Mongolian firefighters in the disciplines of structural and aircraft fighting and other closely associated emergency responder functions; such as fire prevention services, hazardous materials response and technical rescue. Monitored and assessed overall progress and instituted corrective actions and positive reinforcement to meet objectives as required. Charged with safeguarding the lives of approximately 15,000 personnel throughout the main camp and several sub locations spread across a territory of over 200 miles. Created standard operating procedures and policies for the local fire department. Counseled fire departments senior leadership on methodical approaches and solutions to emergency and non-emergency situations. Provided senior leadership and the client with fire safety hazard risk analysis and mitigation plan assessments.

Medical Manager, Dubai, UAE

Provided management, oversight and direction to 10 personnel in the execution of administrative and medical processing tasks for a forward operating deployment processing center. Ensured all personnel executed medical examinations in accordance with United States Government “MOD 10” and profession specific medical standards. Presented clarification and interpretation of medical regulations to senior level staff members in ad hoc, and formal meetings

Assistant Fire Chief of Operations, Southern Afghanistan

Manage and support a shift of 15 firefighting personnel. Establish and maintain command and control of all on duty fire/rescue responses (structural and aircraft). Responsible for the operational and administrative functions of the Local 911 Call Center. Interact with multiple agencies to mitigate emergencies and initiate recovery efforts to return affected areas to a state of full or functional readiness. Provide oversight for several fire department ancillary programs. Ensure personnel continued compliance with local Installation, United States Government, and Host Country rules, regulations, and laws. Initiate employee recognition process(s) and/or disciplinary actions as required. Constantly interacts with senior military and contractor leadership and safety managers and to reduce/mitigate fire safety hazards through the implementation of a rigorous fire prevention program. Provide briefings to the media. Assume all duties and responsibilities of the Fire Chief in his/her absence. Provides senior fire service management staff with proposals and plans to continue meeting and exceeding performance expectations.

Deputy Fire Chief, Doha, Qatar

Directed the training of 20 firefighters, assigned instructors for training classes, and provided first line supervisors with status reports of training progress. Maintained, modified, and enhanced the firefighting and base population fire safety training programs; managed the fire prevention program; provided instruction on basic and advanced fire safety awareness, and firefighting strategies/tactics; assumed all duties and responsibilities of the Fire Chief during his/her absence. Inspected and tested new and existing fire protection systems, fire detection systems, and fire safety equipment to ensure satisfactory operation.

Fire Protection Specialist Lead, Northern Afghanistan

Supervised and directed all assigned Fire Inspector personnel in fire protection duties. Overall responsible for all fire prevention activities for the Northern Afghanistan region. Drafted and implemented department policies and procedures. Participated in the inspection of properties and review of new construction plans, to ensure compliance with applicable fire codes, ordinances, laws, regulations, and standards. Responsible for determining the cause of fire for structures, vehicles, and equipment. Interacted and communicated effectively in both written and verbal forms to brief military and civilian senior leadership on solutions to reduce or mitigate life safety hazards.

Fire Inspector, Afghanistan

Identified corrective actions needed to bring properties into compliance with applicable fire codes and ordinances and conducted follow-up inspections to validate corrective action(s). Participated in creating fire safety guidelines and evacuation schemes for facilities. Presented and interpreted fire prevention and fire code information for the base populace and senior military and civilian leadership.

Regional Fire Services Training Instructor, Iraq

Instructed and drilled fire department personnel in assigned duties such as; firefighting, medical care, hazardous materials response, fire prevention, and related subjects. Reviewed and updated curriculum for training courses. Taught basic and advanced certification courses. Monitored and evaluated student’s progress and skill(s) proficiency. Served as an Adjunct Instructor for the Texas Extension Engineering System (TEEX).

Fire Station Captain, Iraq

Served as mid-level supervisor for 25 firefighting personnel. Assigned personnel to facilitate the rescue of persons and maximize application of extinguishing agents; recommended personnel actions related to disciplinary procedures, performance, leaves of absence, and grievances. Prepared activity reports listing fire call locations, actions taken, fire types and probable causes, damage estimates, and situation dispositions; evaluated procedures to ensure efficiency and enforcement of departmental regulations; served as Incident Commander for all emergency responses. Directed firefighters in station maintenance duties and participated in those duties.

United States Air Force Fire Protection Journeyman, Altus, Oklahoma

Operated firefighting vehicles, pumps, turrets, and other firefighter equipment. Took actions to contain hazardous chemicals that might catch fire, leak, or spill. Cleaned and maintained fire stations and firefighting equipment and apparatus. Conducted recurrent proficiency training and on the job training, for junior firefighting personnel.

Clinical Experience4 records

Prince George's County Fire & EMS Department

Hours: 15000
Supervisor: Medical Director Prince George's County Fire & EMS Department

Survival Flight, Lawton Oklahoma

Hours: 1500
Supervisor: Survival Flight Medical Director

Agadez Air Base, Niger Africa

Hours: 2200
Supervisor: Berry Aviation Medical Director

Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

Hours: 6192
Supervisor: Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Emergency Department Medical Director

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Awards, Scholarships & Honors10 records

PreMedStar PreMed of the Year

Recognized for possessing and demonstrating a constant spirit of servitude. Initiated and manages a fundraiser campaign for a primary school in Burkina Faso West Africa that provides educational services to 122 students of which approximately 80 are orphans. Assist Active Duty Military, Reservists and Veteran personnel with information and guidance to maximize their current and former skillsets to present as a stronger medical school candidate. Active participate with PreMed Star’s Application Bootcamp and Thursday Night Application Prep calls leading up to the 2019 application cycle. I reside in North Texas but work as a Flight Paramedic in Southwest Oklahoma and West Africa in support of United States Special Operations Forces. No matter where I am in the world, if I have an internet connection or am able talk via the phone or text, I make myself available to my fellow premeds and others in my circle of influence.

State of Maryland Governor's Volunteer Service Certificate

In appreciation of your efforts to ensure the vitality of the community in which you serve as a Volunteer Firefighter, your contribution to the citizens of Maryland, and your support of Maryland's longstanding tradition of community involvement.

Emergency Department Top Performer

One of two persons selected from +120 department staff members recognized for being punctual, exceptional multi-tasker, going above and beyond and able to effectively work with and through physicians and staff to achieve mission success.

DynCorp International Certificate of Excellence

Facilitated actions to assume the operations of two (2) Military staffed Fire Departments ahead of schedule, which allowed military firefighters to demobilize prior to the start of fiscal year 2013.

American Military University Fire Science Bachelor's Degree Spokesperson

Selected to represent my bachelor's degree discipline in a video advertisement to encourage fire service professionals to seek their fire science bachelor's degree from American Military University. Interviewed and story featured in the Prince George's County, Maryland local newspaper the "Gazette." Featured on the cover of the military times magazine "The Edge" in the June/July 2012 edition.

U.S. Army 4-3 Aviation Battalion Commander's Coin of Excellence

Created initial training curriculum and instructed 30 military personnel on the use of expeditionary firefighting apparatus at Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan without formally established fire departments.

U.S. Army 2-3 Aviation Battalion Commander's Coin of Excellence

Facilitated the training of nearly 2,000 military personnel during the US Army 2-3 Combat Aviation Battalion’s mid-tour safety stand down, in a single day, in Iraq.

Fire Emergency Services Coin of Excellence

In the fire service, it is highly coveted to be recognized as rescuing someone from a fire without the protection of a water hoseline. In part, it is a testament that your training has not failed you and a measure of your bravery and courage in the face of imminent danger. Such an opportunity presented itself in April 2006 at Al Asad Air Base in Anbar Province Iraq. I was recognized for heroism above the call duty for single-handedly rescuing a pilot from his F-18 Super-hornet fighter jet that that was on fire.

Emergency Medical Services Award

Assisted with cardiopulmonary resuscitation of a 31-year-old woman that was 8 months pregnant. She had jumped from the third story of an apartment building that was on fire. A pulse was restored, and a successful emergency cesarean section was performed at the hospital. The child survived without defect. Sadly, the mother's injuries were incompatible with sustaining life and she passed five days post incident.


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