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The Successful Premed

There are certain things that every premedical student should know in order to be successful along this journey. Unfortunately, most premeds are never told many of them. In this online course, The Successful Premed, Dr. Dale teaches the premed “must know” concepts. These are the same strategies he has been using for over a decade to coach premedical students into medical school. The Successful Premed online course will provide structure to your premedical journey and help to make you a strong medical school applicant!

Instructor:  Dr. Dale
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  1. Joshua Grover

    This great advice! The personal statement truly is a very important factor in your application. Also, here is the actual verbiage from the AMCAS about what would be good to INCLUDE in your personal statement:

    “Some questions you may want to consider while drafting this essay are:
    ¥ Why have you selected the field of medicine?
    ¥ What motivates you to learn more about medicine?
    ¥ What do you want medical schools to know about you that hasn’t been disclosed in another section of the application?
    In addition, you may wish to include information such as:
    ¥ Special hardships, challenges or obstacles that may have influenced your educational pursuits
    Commentary on significant fluctuations in your academic record which are not explained elsewhere in your application”

    Hope everyone finds this helpful!

  2. Joshua Grover

    These are great things to remember when you are considering cramming or taking it easy. My advice would be to take it easy the night before, no matter how confident you are about your score. (Hopefully) you have, like they said, been studying for hundreds of hours already and those last few hours of trying to cram isn’t going to do you any good now. This is a long, gruesome test. You need to give your brain the quick breather before you go and put it through such rigor.
    Find something relaxing to do. Take your mind off (as much as possible) of what is to come in the morning. And treat yourself to a nice, well-balanced dinner before your good nights rest.
    This is almost as important as the studying. You can do this!!

  3. Joshua Grover

    I think something that is very important with the ever-rising influence of social media is to watch what you’re posting, or tagged in, or share. Anyone can see these and it can lead to a very bad turnout if someone you interview with sees these types of posts. Have fun, and use it wisely because social media can be a very good thing, but also at the same time the complete opposite can be true!

  4. Mgayya Makullah

    Social media is an important aspect of our lives, especially to the current generation of people. People should treat their social media accounts as a digital representation of themselves. You don’t want to come across as having multiple personalities. You never know who will view your account. Also depending on the type of account, having privacy settings turned on, so that in cases such as getting tagged on post, you can either accept or deny a “tag request” before actually getting tagged in inappropriate posts. But, all in all, social media can be a powerful tool if used wisely.

  5. Kyle Bivins

    This is a great article. I can attest to #2 – I worked out every other morning when I was at Michigan State and it helped me to get prepared and focused for the day. It’s also a good feeling knowing that you chose to get up early and get in your work out for the day before most others even thought about getting up for class. The gym is also a lot less crowded at this time, too. 😉

  6. Larry Bellot

    I thought long and hard and felt much the same. Ultimately, the burning desire to fulfill my goal won out over any trepidation that I had. Good read!; honest and impactful!

  7. Sadia Zafar

    Hi Larry,

    yes the decision and transition is certainly harder for non-traditional students. you have to carefully weigh and consider several factors realistically and practically but in the end like you said, if the desire to pursue what you’re truly passionate about supersedes everything else then I say go for it!!

    Thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated and good luck to you 🙂

  8. Megan McLeod

    Wonderful blog Syed! Loved the part at the end about medicine not being a “one-size-fits-all” profession. I couldn’t agree more! I think diversity of perspective is so important in healthcare.

  9. Elle Conse

    Appreciate this, Denston. I just found out about this program yesterday. Do you know how I can view your Knockout the MCAT Webinar? I missed it 🙁


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